Attic trucks tips; Know how to drive an attic truck

Attic Trucks provide easy handling of luggage. Credits: Getty Images

An Attic truck, commonly known as a rental truck or simply a moving truck is used to transport products and luggage to different locations. Attic trucks contain a luggage carrier box for storage of luggage. The trucks have the box attached to the engine. There are different sizes of Attic trucks that range from 10-foot long trucks to 26-foot long carrier trucks.

Rental trucks are used most commonly for intercity and interstate luggage transportation. Most companies provide two ways or a one-way trip to carry luggage. Attic trucks were first introduced in the early 1950s
. Since then, Attic trucks are used most commonly to transport luggage including domestic furniture and home accessories.

Today, there are various companies across the entire Europe that use attic trucks for transportation. Attic trucks provide additional safety. Furthermore, you can transport much more luggage than a pickup truck. Attic trucks provide safety, durability and cost efficiency to the customers.

How to drive Attic Trucks?

As per driver’s point of view, Attic trucks are easy to drive as compared to bigger trucks and trailers. Drivers can easily handle and maneuver their driving skills. Most Attic trucks don’t have rear view mirrors, so while you plan to drive one, be careful.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind while driving a Moving Truck.

Adhere to posted speed restrains and lower your speed in harsh climate conditions or when on an uneven road. Also, take care of your speed when driving on a wet or icy road.

You should have enough space between your truck and the next vehicle. Moving trucks don’t stop suddenly. A moving truck weighs more than a normal vehicle. You will need to start braking sooner. Additionally, make sure to build the space between your truck and the vehicle in front of you.

For the drivers who follow driving rules, turning is not a big issue. However, just in case if you are not a firm believer in traffic rules, turning an attic trucks can be a great challenge for you. Continuously go into the turn gradually. Always look ahead for potential congested driving conditions on the off chance that you have to apply the brakes abruptly.

Always use the side mirrors to turn lane and overtaking an already moving car. Rental trucks don’t have rear view mirrors so you have to take extra care.

Don’t overtake any vehicle while driving on uneven roads, narrow streets, hilly areas or wet roads. Rentals trucks take more time to overtake than a normal vehicle and thus it becomes difficult to overtake other vehicles in uneven and unusual areas.

Stay on the slow lanes while driving on highways. On the off chance that you need to reverse a moving truck, make certain to check behind the truck. Hold your window down so you can hear outside. Move down gradually – remembering you are driving a big vehicle and cannot see straightforwardly behind you. It doesn’t hurt to beep your horn here and there to give cautioning.

Always make sure you have complete insurance of your truck in case of theft or accident. Remember that you are in charge of any harm that strikes your rental truck and most insurance agencies won’t take care of the expenses. Drive safely. Avoid yourself from getting involved in an accident or emergency situation.



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