Best Satnavs you can buy for your truck

There was a time when satnavs used to cost thousands of dollars and no one was able to afford one. A simple yet important piece of technology; satnavs are accessible to users at every corner of the world in just a minor price. Today you can buy the best satnavs in the market for less than $200.

Because of the increased technology, innovation, creativity and improvement of the infrastructure; it is no rarer to find a truck with a decent navigation system fitted as a standard. However, there is still a race among the top two satnavs providers. Garmin and TomTom are producing the absolutely accurate satnavs. The two companies likewise hold the market.

Best Satnavs available at affordable cost:

Using a satnav is important even in the age of mobile. Mobile phones give freedom to most drivers; however; the roaming cost needed to download and use applications like Google Map is way too much. The modern satnavs; thankfully; provide options for the headphone jack and Bluetooth and comes with a built-in speaker to guide the driver all through the way.

This is why satnavs are important and have got the attention of truck drivers from all across the Europe. The question which now arises is which satnav should drivers buy? This rundown is the list of best satnavs available in the market at extremely affordable rates.

Garmin DriveSmart 50 Europe LMT-D 5:

Probably the best satnav available on the internet. The package costs around £150 and contains an auto update of the map. DriveSmart 50 comes with a responsive capacitive screen and also supports live traffic update. Garmin Drivesmart is smart indeed. It updates the route using the smart technology and chooses the best route available.

The device uses real directions and tells you when you should take a turn.

TomTom Go 5200: The high-end ultimate satnav:

This TomTom device is a bit expensive but it’s worth it if you have the budget. TomTom is simply the best satnav. With multiple options, the device supports live traffic update, live map, and capacitive touchscreen. This specific gadget costs around £250.

TomTom Via 62:

Ranging around £149; this is another marvelous device. No subscription fees for traffic data and real-life map support makes this a useful device. This gadget comes with a 6-inch screen. Hands-free calling is also included in the device.

Garmin DriveAssist 50 Europe LMT D-5:

This device comes with a dashboard camera and this is one of the most exciting and supportive satnavs available on the internet. The satnav supports similar functionalities like SmartDrive 50. The camera can spot the distance with the next vehicle hence making an accident avoidance technology implemented in real life satnav.

The device costs around £200 and is the best package all together.

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