First Ever Electric Truck to be Launched Today

Elon Musk decided to launch the first ever electric truck on 16th November. Tesla revealed their first ever electric truck to public earlier this year but didn’t launch it. The company planned to launch the truck to the public in October but delayed the launching event.

Elon Musk told his Twitter followers that he had other priorities in mind. As the stage is set now, Tesla should launch the truck today.

There are still a lot of rumors spreading about the launch of Tesla Semi. This, however, seems the best opportunity for Tesla. Waymo and Uber are trying to manufacture a similar vehicle. If anyone of the two competitors succeeds in doing so, Tesla will have to leave the crown.

The competition in automobile market is increasing day by day. Latest innovation and technology is used in vehicles. Tesla successfully built the first ever electric lorry at the start of this year. Tesla shouldn’t delay the launch any further as the competition is increasing. Representatives of trucking industry have appreciated Tesla Semi as it seems like the best solution to problems and challenges of the transport industry.   Tesla should look forward to the opportunity and launch the most awaited vehicle of 2017. As rumors and news are getting hotter, Tesla may launch the first ever electric truck today.

Because of the constant decrease in the availability of oil, the challenges of transport industry are increasing. Tesla Semi seems the best opportunity to replace oil dependency as well as stabilizing the transport sector.

Why should Tesla launch the first ever Electric Truck today?

Tesla Semi runs on electric battery. This truck is the first ever self-driving truck. Tesla Semi uses the concepts of AI (Artificial Intelligence). The overall performance of the truck is yet to be tested. However, Tesla Semi can be the limelight to minimize oil from industry.

Tesla Semi can be the building stone for mitigating the transportation problems. Semi is currently the best way to switch to alternate sources of energy. Launching of Semi can minimize the problem of oil dependency from transport industry.

The entire transport industry of America and Europe is waiting for this event. There is a lot of hype regarding the event. The whole trucking industry seems excited about the launch of Tesla Semi. Today is the big day. Tesla decided to launch their first ever electric truck today. Fingers crossed for the event.


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