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Like many other websites, uses the Cookies technology to provide you with a better experience. 

What are Cookies

Cookies are small chunks of information used to download some of the harmless personal data on your computers. Cookies are sent to the browsers from the servers and are used to download information to make the user experience of using any specific website better. Cookies are generated automatically. Using the cookie technology, you don't have to enter the same information each time you visit a website. 

Your browser has the option to prevent the use of cookies but it can affect your experience of using this website. Please note that preventing the use of cookies can reduce the functionality of this Site and other websites. we recommend the use of cookies to get filtered and best results.

Cookies and Tracking

We are committed to providing you with a productive and user-friendly private interface with the best experience. As most other sites do, we also use cookie technology to store your information in our database. Cookie technology stores small pieces of data on your computer so that we can evaluate the sign-in procedure, keep track of your choices and preferences, help you to find better and suitable equipment and information, and collect information (often called analytics) to help us understand how our site is used.


Using the cookie technology, our servers automatically record 'log files' containing information about the volume and characteristics of our Site traffic, such as IP addresses, numbers of pages viewed, length of time spent on-site, etc. This information is merely used to record the traffic of our website in order to provide better services.


How do we use Cookies?

We only utilize data to store your navigation on this website. The Cookies are stored to record your log-in session, time of stay and your preferences so that we can provide you with a better user experience. At all4truck.comm Cookies are used to do the following tasks:

  • Distinguishing you when you sign-in to our site. This enables us to give you item proposals, show customized content, remember you as a Prime part, and empower you to utilize 1-Click acquiring, among other redid highlights and administrations we provide. 
  • Conveying content, including advertisements and promotions, significant to your interests in Amazon locales and outsider destinations. Our advantage based promotions are liable to your inclinations as depicted in the following segment. 
  • Monitoring your preferences and choices for future use. This enables us to respect your preferences. 
  • Monitoring things you have added to your shopping list. Making sure that each product is authentic.
  • Directing exploration and diagnostics to enhance our website's substance, items, and administrations.  
  • Increasing security.

Security, Storage, and Transfer of Information follows strict security measures and ensures that any personal information of our users is not damaged, or disclosed to any relevant or irrelevant third party without your permission. We also use strict measures to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information. Our servers utilize firewalls and security procedures to save your data and prevent it from being damaged or destroyed. All the third parties working with us are providing similar security measures to ensure the protection of your personal information. 

Please ensure that all of your personal information and data is utilized for our business only and we have no right to damage and misuse your personal information. Specific resources are authorized to view and use your personal information in order to make deals and transactions. We will ask your permission before using your personal information. However, we may require you to co-operate with our security checks for the better experience and privacy policy. You can view your Profile at any time and update your personal information. You cannot, however, delete the information after you have uploaded it once.  

Your Information will be transferred outside of the European Economic Area.

We will retain Your Information for a reasonable period or for as long as is required by law.

Third Party Cookies

Our third-party partners may place Cookies on this website. We are using the third party cookies for advertisement. Many third-party vendors and partners utilize Cookies. We utilize third-party advertisements for your better experience. These advertisements utilize Cookie technology to track your activity and provide you with better user experience. The Cookies are used for to note your activity regarding your habits and surfing so that they can provide you meaningful advertisements based on your search history. You can disable Cookies from your browser history but it may affect your utilization of third-party websites as well as our website and services. 

Changes to the Policy

Our use of Cookie technology and Cookie Policy may be changed, updated and modified time to time. However, any effective change will be informed to you and will also be uploaded on our website's "Cookies" page. 


Please note that Cookies are device specific and you will have to prompt Cookies again when you will Login using any other device.