Refrigerated Trucks; knowing about the ice-cream carrier

Refrigerated trucks or simply reefer are trucks that are installed with cooling systems and are used for long-distance travel at a specific temperature. The reefers come with built-in cooling systems. Cooling systems of the refrigerated trucks either use a diesel engine with a condenser to lower the temperature or utilize the Carbon Dioxide in the form of dry ice or liquefied Carbon Dioxide.

What are refrigerated trucks?

Refrigerated trucks deliver ice cream and items stored at low temperatures. An ice cream company introduced the first refrigerated truck in 1925. Since then, the use of reefers has only increased and today, around 4 million refrigerated trucks move on the roads. Besides ice cream, reefers also transport several other items. There is a difference between a refrigerated truck and an insulated truck. Insulated trucks deliver fruits and other alike items. A refrigerated truck, on the other hand, comes with a proper mechanism to minimize the inside temperature of the truck. Most reefers use a mechanical system to minimize the temperature and store the required items in a certain temperature range. Reefers and refrigerated trucks can control the temperature from -65 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius.

The cooling system of refrigerated trucks:

Mostly, reefers use two kinds of refrigeration systems. There are two systems of cooling a reefer. Water cooling system is expensive and hence the use of water cooling system is decreasing day by day. Although, most trucks today use the air current ventilation system for cooling; some trucks, however, also use water cooling system. Most modern-day reefers are using the air cooling system for cost reduction. Some trucks also us mechanical systems to keep the container cold. A high-quality insulator insulates the inside of the container.

An articulated truck pulls a refrigerated truck. The articulated truck attaches the reefer and pulls it. The trucks travel a long distance. Reefers can transport the products between different countries safely.


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