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I am connected to the trucking industry for the last 12 years. I have seen the evolution of trucking industry from a smaller section of the economic infrastructure to an immensely grown industry that has taken over the entire world. In my professional career, I haven’t found any website with detailed information and equipment related to trucks and the trucking industry of Europe. I am going to share the success story of my website with everyone related the trucking industry.

Once I had to buy a pair of full leather working gloves and I decided to search the gloves on the Internet. I searched the net for three days and couldn’t find what I was looking for until I reached a German site. The site was written only in German and was hard to understand. This had me thinking about a site where everything is available. The idea came into my mind as a vision.

I talked to some colleagues and they revealed that they have been facing similar kinds of problems. Most of my colleagues didn’t find what they wanted on a single platform. Most of the people have to visit different websites for getting different things. I decided to make a website at that time. A website where every equipment, vehicle, depots, spare parts and everything else related to trucks and the trucking industry will be available. This idea seems a nice way to minimize the problems of the trucking industry by making every equipment accessible in one place.

How did our success story start?

My success story starts from learning

I had no idea of this business so I dedicated myself to learning. The idea came to my mind 4 years ago. At the start, it was a vague idea as I wasn’t sure that I can pull this off. The idea of building a website seemed impossible. After almost 2 years, I finally started working on it. I learned the business, everything related to e-commerce, the trucking industry and how I can get this job done. It took me a year and a half to get what I wanted and then I started making the website.

I got help from a few friends who were already a part of this industry. is not just a website, it is an idea; a vision that made me realize that the entire European trucking industry can be made available on a single platform. With their skills and dedication, the idea became a realization and I am sure that this website can help the entire European trucking industry. Everything is available on this platform.

The foundation and idea of included a lot of research, planning, strategy making, more research, more planning. It was a time taking process and the website didn’t start in a week or two. Thankfully, the hard work of the team associated with me, their dedication and my personal will to make this website paid off.

What is

Every year, on line marketing grows at an enormous rate of 30%. Truck drivers and people associated with the trucking industry have tough routines. In the last decade, the trucking industry has grown beyond the expectations of everyone. We have witnessed huge changes and advancements in the industry. Without proper learning of the advanced systems, modern truck drivers can have a lot of problems. Drivers now have more busy routines. Jobs are getting tougher. Most of the people don’t have time to visit the market and search for the required thing. To remove this problem, I came with a solution that can serve the entire trucking industry of Europe.

We have made every single item related to the trucking industry available on our platform. Our service will provide different groups of products like:

Truck parts, genuine truck parts, truck accessories, packaging materials, safety wears, gadgets, truck drivers health and safety products, electronic products, truck lights, truck driver luxury products, new and used trucks, heavy equipments, garage equipments, tools, strapping systems, truck security system and much more;

Besides all these accessories and items, truck driver’s jobs and companies profiles are also available. is a complete package with everything under one roof. We will provide latest information and news related to trucks and industry from all across the world. Our job portal contains information about companies and drivers that are looking for a job.

You can also make your own success story:

All4truck is your one-stop solution. Users can register on our website to gain unlimited access to our products. Many different companies in Europe have made their profiles on our website. is helping every individual, group, company or multinational corporation connected directly or indirectly to the European transport market.

Success Story of this website is very touchy and inspirational. I have been working for a long time to make this website a completely running e-commerce website with all truck accessories available.

I am Vaidas Lasukas, I found an idea and decided to help my colleagues and fellow workers related to the trucking industry. This is my success story. A success story of Together, I and my team made this possible. A lot of hard work, passion, and skills have spent on this website. Although it took months to complete this project, however, I am proud of what we have achieved. I found my way to help other people and colleagues related to the trucking industry of Europe, can you? I have shared this story to motive everyone who wants to achieve something.

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