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On August 27th, Tipperary hosted yet another truck show. The 2017 Tipperary truck show featured some outstanding trucks. Tipperary is the sixth largest Irish county. The county is a landlocked county. Most transportation happens by road. A Tipperary truck community organizes truck show every year to depict their love with their trucks. Different people bring their trucks to the show. The show features Tipperary trucks of all types and sizes from all across the county and even neighboring areas.

The last edition of Tipperary truck show was held on 27th August 2017. Just like any other year, this also was a great show. Different trucks featured in the show. The show consisted all categories of trucks from light SUVs to semi trucks, trailers, and heavy duty class 8 trucks. Different European companies also featured their trucks. Companies like Scania, Iveco, and Mercedes etc. had their separate stalls to feature their trucks and possibly launch a new model.

Are you excited about Tipperary truck show?

2017 Tipperary truck show was the 4th truck show. Tipperary truck show has grown immensely since its start in 2013. Today, the show is not only a show. It has grown into a community looking forward to increasing the standards of Irish trucking industry. A managing committee manages the show. The committee also looks forward to every possible improvement in the Irish trucking industry.

Just like last year, the Tipperary truck show committee will look forward to hosting a grand truck show in 2018 as well. Though it is too early to say, however, with the progress of the community, they will host the next year’s truck show. So if you are excited about the show and want to depict your love for your truck, get yourself involved in the latest news regarding the show. Don’t miss your time and register as soon as the registrations will open.

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