Top 10 biggest trucking companies with largest fleet

The top 10 biggest trucking companies in the world are the unsung legends of our cutting-edge world. Traveling thousands of miles carrying hundreds of tons is not an easy task. The trucking industry is complex and surely occupied by some biggest giants.

Every business depends on the transportation of raw material from one place to other. Business world and industrialization as we know are only possible because of the constant advancements in trucking.

This list of the top 10 biggest trucking companies depends on the number of trucks these companies have in their fleet. The numbers may vary from when the data was taken; however, this rundown of the top 10 biggest trucking companies contains the most famous companies from all across the globe.

Top 10 biggest trucking companies:

Look at our rundown of the top 10 biggest trucking companies in the whole world. Our list might give you some information about the working of these organizations as well.

10. Canadian National

Canadian National began as a railroad organization. Be that as it may, it has extended its span to likewise be among the most productive trucking specialist co-ops in the nation, contracting a segment of the more than two hundred thousand truckers in the country.

9. SNCF Geodis

SNCF Geodis (now SNCF Logistics) began as a French railroad organization yet went ahead to wind up plainly one of the greatest transportation suppliers. Geodis is the name under which the greater part of the company’s transportation management is held, including approximately a million trucking operations in the country.

8. Yamato Transport

Yamato Transport is an easily recognized name in Japan. The company is the biggest trucking company in Asia currently.

7. Nippon Express

Yamato Transport’s greatest competitor is Nippon Express. These days, however, the organization appears to have abandoned this time far, having operations in around forty nations around the world.

Currently, Nippon Express’s total worth is less than Yamato’s; however, the company is still a trucking giant of Asia.


CMA CGM won’t appear like an organization included on the list of top 10 biggest trucking companies in the world. Be that as it may, the sea shipping mammoth has extended its system to incorporate way to-entryway trucking.

5. DB Schenker

DB Schenker is the vehicle subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, supporting the entire last’s transportation administrations, including running few steam trains in the UK as well. The German company is a giant and the one of the biggest in Europe.

4. Maersk Group

Maersk is an organization which doesn’t get much consideration, in spite of being engaged with various sorts of industry and being the greatest compartment ship and supply vessel management. Besides that, Maersk runs a trucking system that takes the fourth spot on the list of top 10 biggest trucking companies.

3. FedEx

One of most popular American brand; FedEx is much more than we think it is. Managing a fleet of hundreds of thousands of trucks, FedEx is not only one of the most popular airlines, but also one of the biggest trucking companies.

2. UPS

UPS takes the second spot on this rundown without a trace of uncertainty. Notwithstanding being the greatest luggage transportation company with a great many packages for each day; UPS just makes the second spot.

1. DHL

Without a doubt, the biggest and safest platform for transporting luggage and freight, DHL holds the crown of the biggest transportation company in the entire world.

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