Top ten 22.5 size truck tires and their price

Tires play an important role in the strength of any vehicle. The strength of any vehicle depends on the power, size, and type of tire. In the trucking industry, tires play an important part as tires have to bear all the load of the freight and also the weight of the truck. So buying good quality and strong tires are very important. Find out the top ten 22.5 size truck tires along with their price in this run down. This rundown will help you buy the best tires for your truck.

Top ten 22.5 size truck tires:


Talking politely, Bridgestone has the best line of tires. Bridgestone is producing a huge range of tires ranging from 14 plies all purpose tires to 20 ply tires. The price ranges from $300-$900 depending on the ply.


Quietly getting to be 1 of the greater tire organizations on the planet and for a justifiable reason. They make extraordinary tires. Hankook is covering a huge range of 22.5 size tires. Furthermore, Hankook produces one of the most durable tires. The price of Hankook tires ranges from $320-$530.


I give them high stamps since they make a decent packaging. You may get blended outcomes with the new tires however in the event that you re-top your tires you get an awesome incentive for your dollar. They make some pleasant drive tires in 22.5″. Goodyear’s price ranges from $450-$650 for different types of tires.


Firestone is doing a pretty decent job and hence managed to get itself on the list of top ten 22.5 size truck tires. Ranging from $340-$630, Firestone produces different tires for different kinds of terrain including their strong off-road tires.


Michelin is producing a huge range of tires covering almost the entire planet’s markets. But Michelin tires can’t be utilized as your first priority full-time tires. Michelin provides you the best option for a single buy as the tires are expensive and not as good as the competitors. Michelin ranges from $450-$600


They influence the best profound tread to drive tires for off-road driving. Additionally, They also make good 17.5 size truck tires. Best for off-road experience, Continental tires range from $300-$600.


They make quite better than average tires and thus are included in the list of top ten 22.5 size truck tires. Steer tires are normal. The dots on the packaging disintegrate much like Michelins when you expel them from the edge. This can make them unusable. However, Yokohama produces a huge range of tires from 14 plies to 20 plies. Yokohama range from $277-$900.


Much like a Michelin, however, less expensive. The tires appear to wear fine, however, the covering doesn’t last. They do make a decent 22.5 trailer tire; simply ensure you go through the tread before the sidewalls begin to weaken. BFG tires cost from $285-$621 depending on the width.


A little-known off-mark, they influence a decent drive to tire and their housings can, as a rule, be re-topped more than once, making this less expensive tire a decent decision. Aeolus tires are usually heavier than other tires of similar size and strength, however, is a good decision when your budget is low. Aeolus tires are the only top ten 22.5 size truck tires that cost less than $300 on average. The price varies from $210-$320 depending on the tax rates and tire size.


Not suitable for an 18-wheeler or larger truck, Kumho makes decent tires for the smaller truck. Kumho can be a perfect option for Semi truck and garbage trucks. The price varies from $225-$350.


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