Walmart Trucker named National Driver of the year

Gary Plant; a Walmart trucker is named National Driver of the year this week. Gary Plant who drives for Walmart is awarded a national award and named the National Driver of the year earlier this week. Working for Walmart, this Walmart trucker has successfully managed to drive safely; without any violations and involvement in accidents of any kind for 27 years.

Plant has been working as a truck driver for 41 years now and has worked for four different companies in his entire career before joining Walmart transportation 27 years ago. Gary Plant is a Walmart trucker for the last 27 years. In his time as a Walmart Trucker, Gary has competed and won different awards and competitions at different levels.

Gary drives a 5-axle Sleeper berth tractor trailer and drives an average 125,000 miles a year. Plant has already won 11 state-level titles in driving along with two-second place trophies at National Truck Driving Championships.

ATA also handed out several other awards as well including the ATA president’s award for the best company in the trucking industry.

Dennis Shinault (Director of Loss Prevention and Safety Services; Baldwin and Lyons) talked to media after the ceremony. He thinks that the US trucking industry is going through a very bright time. Trucking industry can be more successful in the near future because of the dedication and commitment of ATA. The latest amendments to the trucking policy are bringing in a few changes in the entire trucking industry.

Walmart Trucker thinks that the award is a lifetime achievement of his flawless services:

This award is a lifetime achievement of the Walmart trucker who has worked flawlessly for 41 years. The ATA’s National award pays tribute to the magnificent and exceptional career-long safe driving. ATA chose Plant from a pool of different drivers. There were some other brilliant candidates as well for the award as well but Gary was the most deserving according to ATA representatives.


Walmart trucker seemed to enjoy the ceremony a lot. While talking to media; Gary said that his ultimate goal was to serve his job with patience and dedication. The award is indeed an achievement of a lifetime career that went through every stage of his life flawlessly.

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